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Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Moses  Herrera  Wednesday, May 27,
Area:   Sayward /  Campbell River Dist. /  BC
Species:   Salvage Red & Yellow cedar logs (old growth)
8.6,ft to 55 ft long
Approx 1000 meters
Volume:   Approximately 1000 meters
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Joe  Froese  Lake Country Log Homes Monday, May 25,
Area:   Lake Country Log Homes Sicamous BC /  Okanagan Shuswap Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Wanting to buy small diameter Western Red Cedar trees.

Spindle size/lengths:
2" top - 4" butt
9'-12' lengths

9'-12' lengths

Railing size/lengths:'
4" top - 5 1/2" butt
10-14' lengths

Looking for large volume, good quality, free of rot, knot clusters.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Francis  McCann  Tuesday, April 28,
Area:   Falcon in Mission  /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Cedar
Volume:   I believe about 15-18 cubic meters. Two 60 ft cedars
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Aaron  Vanboven  Friday, March 27,
Area:   Coombs /  South Island Dist.  /  BC
Species:   40 acre poplar plantation in the Coombs area. Other mixed species on the property as well (Fir, Cedar, balsam ect...) Looking to sell the Timber or trade for the clearing of the land.
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Greg  Stewart  Saturday, March 21,
Area:   Squamish  /  Squamish District  /  BC
Species:   Cedar red or yellow
Volume:   One or two truck loads
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Paul  Tingley  Vincent Contracting Inc Thursday, March 19,
Area:   Lower Sunshine Coast- Gibsons, Howe Sound Sorts  /  Sunshine Coast Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Bigleaf Maple for furniture making / hardwood production
Volume:   1-200 m3 ++, fresh cut, large diameter
Make an offer per m3
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Jack  Castro  Friday, February 14,
Area:   Cedar Logs in Sechelt /  Sunshine Coast Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Cedar
Volume:   Estimated volume 60 cubic metres. They just fell 2 weeks ago, great quality red cedar.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  James  Moffat  Wednesday, January 15,
Area:   Coquitlam, lower mainland /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   2 big cedars trees. By far the 2 biggest trees on the block. Hoping to have removed and perhaps line my pocket a little.
Volume:   Make an offer
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Bill  Davis  Rock Face Industries Thursday, December 19,
Area:   Ruby Creek /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Looking for standing or fell timbers. Cedar, Fir, Spruce to build our community longhouse in our Sto:lo tradition.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  King  Lee  Saturday, November 30,
Area:   Durieu Mission /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Have about 10 big Ceder trees need to be removed (still standing) , they are about 50+ meter tall.
Volume:   Free
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Dan  McDermid   Thursday, November 07,
Area:   Vancouver west side /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Large Sequoia tree ready for removal .
All limbs have been removed from the trunk.
2 section remain about about 20 feet long and about 6 feet in diameter.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Norma  Duffus  Saturday, November 02,
Area:   Tsawwassen  /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Large pine tree. Fallen during wind storm. Presently in 2 x 20 ft lengths. No rot. Free for the taking.
Volume:   Free
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Joel  Haukka  Hawk Machining Thursday, October 24,
Area:   Langley area near HWY 1 Large Cedar logs /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   30"plus dia x 16' 9" long 1 piece only
40"plus Dia x 18' 3" long 1 piece only
100 year old cedar tree uprooted and fell over, clear, prime wood.
has been delimited.
Volume:   send your offer
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Mark  Edwards  N/A Wednesday, October 23,
Area:   Sointula, Malcom Island /  North Is./Central Coast  /  BC
Species:   Red Alder up to 30" diameter.
Volume:   1+ truck load, 60 trees
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Adam  Smolcic  TopHat Firewood & Tree Removal Service Friday, October 04,
Area:   Hardwood firewood /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Any and all hardwood, hardwood only.
Volume:   Truck loads, 300 cords
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Hans  van Leeuwen  H van Leeuwen Landscaping Monday, September 30,
Area:   Hans van Leeuwen  /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Cedar
Volume:   At least 2 truckloads
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Paul  Girardi  Monday, September 16,
Area:   Rossland Firewood Wanted /  Kootenay Lake Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Larch, Fir, Pine, Spruce
Volume:   1 truck
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Kirstin  Olsen  Saturday, September 07,
Area:   Slocan Valley /  Kootenay Lake Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Firewood: larch, fir, birch, etc
Volume:   One logging truck load
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Shawn  Shaw  Colvin Mountain LM Monday, August 26,
Area:   Vancouver Islands & Gulf Islands /  South Island Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Buying all standing timber , all species. Top Dollar . We log Different.
Colvin Mountain Land Management .
Specializing in wild fire management strategies for treed properties.
Logging ,Milling, Chipping, Timber Bought and Sold
Volume:   All volumes, best prices paid.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Jan  Knudsen  Tuesday, August 20,
Area:   South Nanaimo extension village /  South Island Dist.  /  BC
Species:   very large balsam fir felled easy access
Volume:   base 42in dia 70ft long good for lumber and firewood
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Carli  Lawn  Monday, August 12,
Area:    /  Okanagan Shuswap Dist.  /  BC
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Peter  Lewis  Sunday, August 04,
Area:   Taghum /  Arrow Boundary Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Firewood logs birch, fir , larch average 12"-14" butt
Volume:   1-2 logging truck loads
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  shannon  behboudi  Saturday, July 27,
Area:   Duncan south island /  South Island Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Fir
Volume:   Old Growth 6 trees that need to come down/
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Mark  Lindsey  1998 Thursday, July 25,
Area:   Malikwa /  Okanagan Shuswap Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Fir larch pine
Volume:   1500-1800
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Nickie  D  Wednesday, July 17,
Area:   Coquitlam Large FIR & CEDAR Logs available  /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   FIR & CEDAR. A few huge, long logs and many others! Large pieces available great for milling, sculptures, totems, furniture, wood carvings, gorgeous rustic garden benches, rounds, tables, mantels, you name it! Lengths from 17ft down to 3ft. Diameters from 41" down to 11".

Send me your offer and what you're interested in :)

17 ft x 40"
8.10 ft x 14"
7 ft x 17"
5.9 ft by 19"
4.4 ft by 20"
4.2 ft x 18"
4 ft X 27"
3.5 ft X 32"
3.5 ft X 28" (eight of these available)

20 ft x 10"
17.5 ft X 16"
9.11 Ft X 18"
8.9 ft X 20"
6.7 ft x 21"
6.4 ft X 21"
5.9 ft x 22"
5.4 ft X 25"

PU Mundy Park area Coquitlam
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller      Sunday, July 14,
Area:    /  South Island Dist.  /  BC
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Janet  Pehrsson  Saturday, July 13,
Area:   Campbell River (Willow Point) /  Campbell River Dist.  /  BC
Species:   25 60-80 foot Fir Tree's + a few mixed 6" to 2' at the butt. Looking for offers to cut and have them hauled away.
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Dan  Pelletier  Friday, June 14,
Area:   Sooke /  South Island Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Will take fir, hemlock ,pine ,arbutus , alder .
Volume:   500 metres of Firewood grade Wood.
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Thomson  Bros. Lumber Co. Ltd.  Wednesday, June 05,
Area:   Salvage/Short Small Sawlogs Comox Valley /  Campbell River Dist. /  BC
Species:   Buying salvage & small short length Fir (Balsam & Douglas) sawlogs 6-18" diameter, Lengths from 6-15'
Will consider other species if mixed load
Longer timber will be bucked accordingly to short lengths
Volume:   MBF scale, pricing dependent on grade/species/merchantable wood recovered
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Jeremy  McAndrew  Monday, May 13,
Area:   Golden Eco Adventure Ranch (Nicholson BC) /  Columbia District /  BC
Species:   Fir/Larch/Pine for firewood. Dry.
Volume:   1-2 truck loads. 30-40 cord
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Virginia  Brietzke  Farmland Friday, May 10,
Area:   Looking for 2 loads of logs  /  North Is./Central Coast  /  BC
Species:   We have a sawmill and farm and are looking for logs for fencing, decks and firewood
Volume:   We would need the logs shipped to the property and offloaded. We do have a bobcat and tractor with forks to offload if required.
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Mark  Stebro  Sunday, April 28,
Area:   BcTimber.ca /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Wanted freshly felled Alder Saw Logs. Will take the bottom 8ft to 24ft of tree lengths, straight, no defects, minimum 15" tops. Bark intact and clean.
Volume:   Will pay top rates per M3, or by the truck load. Let me know what you have.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Linda  Maierle  Thursday, April 11,
Area:   Burnaby -Lougheed  /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Douglas fir
Cut into 3 trunks, no branches, easily over 75 years old .. massive
Volume:   500 dollars
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Paul  Jackson  Monday, April 08,
Area:   Campbell River /  Campbell River Dist.  /  BC
Species:   I have about 20-25 Trees in backyard that are about 60-80 feet tall.
Volume:   You cut down and make me an offer for
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  ron  leontowich  Saturday, March 30,
Area:   chilliwack /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   maple,alder,birch, have lots of just cut firewood, available at very reasonable price. better deal for large amount, have fir to.
Volume:   have probably 5-7 cords maple, birch, alder and fir also. just cut into woodstove lenghts. better deal for all if bought.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  T  Wright  Wednesday, March 27,
Area:   Telephone poles/ firewood/ lumber /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Have quite a few straight cedar trees at least 50 feet tall. Still growing for sale. You cut make me an offer
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Paul  Tingley  Vincent Contracting Inc Wednesday, March 20,
Area:   Lower Sunshine Coast /  Sunshine Coast Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Standing timber. All species.
Volume:   Looking to buy standing timber or log for a percentage of total selling price. Will trade land clearing / excavating for logs of equal or greater value. Fair prices paid and full transparency. Professional Forestry Services / Private Forest Management available.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  ron  leontowich  Thursday, February 28,
Area:   chilliwack /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   4-5 large cedars 4feet in diameter. hard to find that big.
Volume:   possibly truck load
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Adam  Plater  Wednesday, February 20,
Area:   Saw logs wanted for home sawmilling operation /  Campbell River Dist.  /  BC
Species:   I am looking for Red and Yellow cedar and basically anything else such as Fir, Alder, Hemlock
Volume:   I will take full truck loads or single logs that I can pick up with my trailer
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Adam  Plater  Wednesday, February 20,
Area:   Saw logs wanted for home sawmilling operation /  Campbell River Dist.  /  BC
Species:   I am looking for Red and Yellow cedar and basically anything else such as Fir, Alder, Hemlock
Volume:   I will take full truck loads or single logs that I can pick up with my trailer
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Daniel  McDermid  Saturday, February 16,
Area:   still growing  /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   giant sequoia redwood wood
Volume:   not sure/ looking to have it removed from back yard
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  ron  leontowich  Friday, February 08,
Area:   chilliwack /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   cedar
Volume:   approx two logging truck loads
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Atom  sagness  Monday, January 14,
Area:   10+ large maple trees +- 30"  /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   10+ large maple trees around 80' high still standing
Volume:   Probably one logging truck load. Looking for offers
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Neil  Mittun  Private Land Thursday, November 15,
Area:   2 acres /  Sunshine Coast Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Cedar fir alder spruce
Volume:   All above
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Laural  Miles  Tuesday, November 13,
Area:   Kootenys /  Kootenay Lake Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Standing deciduous maple tree, approximately 80ft tall, 60ft to heavy branching, approximately 20ft with 5ft diameter.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  jason  lessard  xylem Monday, October 08,
Area:   slocan /  Kootenay Lake Dist.  /  BC
Species:   red cedar
Volume:   50-60 logs 25" butt diam

1 log trucks worth
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  jason  lessard  xylem Monday, October 08,
Area:   slocan /  Kootenay Lake Dist.  /  BC
Species:   red cedar
Volume:   50-60 logs 25" butt diam

1 log trucks worth
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Gerald  Van De Ven  Wednesday, October 03,
Area:   Qualicum Bay, Island Highway West /  Campbell River Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Mostly fir with a couple large pine
Volume:   I have 20 standing fir trees that will be dropped 14 inches to 30 inches at the butt mid to lower grade logs looking for offers to remove
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Dolores  Young  Thursday, September 20,
Area:   Mapes Area Vanderhoof /  Vanderhoof Dist.  /  BC
Species:   One logging truck load of dry firewood logs
Volume:   one truck load
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Jeff  C  Tuesday, September 18,
Area:   Sunshine Coast - Wanted Logs for Firewood /  Sunshine Coast Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Fir, Hemlock
Volume:   2 truck loads
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  David  Vander Ende  Saturday, September 08,
Area:   1 load to Surrey. Douglas Fir or Cedar /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   I have a portable mill and am looking for a load of decent sized Douglas fir or cedar logs. Ideally between 18–30 inches in diameter. Willing to take lower quality logs for a good price. Let me know what you have! And how much $ you want for it? Thanks
Volume:   1 truck.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Mike  Dusti  Saturday, September 08,
Area:   Logs for Sale /  Sunshine Coast Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Douglas Fir, Arbutus
Volume:   Three truckloads
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Clint  Reece  Tuesday, July 31,
Area:   Highlands / Langford /  South Island Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Any combination of fir /arbutus/ maple for firewood
Volume:   1 or 2 logging truckloads of fir / maple and/or arbutus for firewood.

Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Darcy  Cyre  Saturday, July 21,
Area:   Nanaimo, harewood mines, private property /  South Island Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Fir logs for lumber or firewood
Volume:   avg 18" round, 16ft to 20ft long, one truck load- more available if you are a permitted faller.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Fred  Pender  Tuesday, July 17,
Area:   East Vernon Load of Logs /  Okanagan Shuswap Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Ponderosa Pine, Lodgepole Pine, Douglas Fir
Volume:   Around 60 logs ~ Mostly sawlogs - A few nice Ponderosa, Firs and the rest Lodgepole Pine - Keddleston Area of Vernon
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  trennin  Lifely  Monday, July 16,
Area:   1-2 logging truck loads /  Kootenay Lake Dist.  /  BC
Species:   1 load Larch/ Douglas fur
1 load half Larch/Douglas half birch
Volume:   2 logging truck loadz
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Tom  Collier  Sunday, June 24,
Area:   Wanted Firewood Pine Logs Delivered /  Kamloops District /  BC
Species:   Lodgepole Pine or Bush Run Snag logs
Volume:   One Load - 50 to 80 cubic meters delivered to Lillooet with a self-loading logging truck.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Joel  Gibson  home Thursday, June 21,
Area:   Large Cottonwood next to Fraser River /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   12 - 100ft plus cottonwoods
Volume:   Open to offers Near river in fort Langley
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Kyle  Towner  Monday, June 18,
Area:   150 mile house  /  100 Mile House Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Pine Douglas cedar birch etc not fussy. But we are looking for 1 to 3 full loads delivered. 16"-30" preferably the same size throughout load
Volume:   Will pay reasonable asking. No problems
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Gary  Seymour  Private Saturday, June 09,
Area:   2or3logging truck loads in Fraser valley  /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Ceader logs 53' long 24" 0n average some larger nice wood
Volume:   Make me a offer on one load or all we will sell to the right person . more wood many loads of fir and hemlock also have very big grand fir stand all still standing except ceader
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Gary  Seymour  Private Saturday, June 09,
Area:   2or3logging truck loads in Fraser valley  /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Ceader logs 53' long 24" 0n average some larger nice wood
Volume:   Make me a offer on one load or all we will sell to the right person . more wood many loads of fir and hemlock also have very big grand fir stand all still standing except ceader
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Chris  Labine  Wednesday, May 23,
Area:   Killney beach Vernon BC /  Okanagan Shuswap Dist.  /  BC
Species:   1 old growth Fir tree cut May 23, 2018 for pick up
Volume:   Fir tree is 96 ft long by 3.5 ft wide. Straight as an arrow. Was cut at bottom once to 18.5 ft chunk. Perfect condition would be ideal for log cabin support beam. Or milled for lumber. Please contact
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Rick  Irvine  Monday, May 07,
Area:   Wanted, Fir or Spruce 12"-28" Dia. /  Arrow Boundary Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Fir or Spruce for milling, 12"-20" Dia. truckload
Volume:   1 truck load
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Gordon  Gilroy  Monday, April 16,
Area:   West Courtenay /  Campbell River Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Black poplar free for the taking
Volume:   One +- logging truck loads of black poplar, 12 to 18 inch trees. Must be cut down by pro faller with insurance.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  george  tupy  Wednesday, March 21,
Area:   surrey /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   I have several large cedar chunks
for shinles
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Matt  Mcgregor  Monday, March 05,
Area:   Looking for fir or spruce logs to buy  /  South Island Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Fir or spruce
Volume:   8 to 10 inch logs, 40 to 60 logs as long as can be. This is an estimate anything close would work. Cheers
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Ivan  Pecarski  CPS Thursday, February 01,
Area:   Forest By Prince George Airport /  Prince George Dist.  /  BC
Species:   143 Acres of various trees, on Johnson Rd by Prince George airport, between Blackburn and Evasko.
Volume:   Lets talk.
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  zan  guo  Tuesday, January 16,
Area:   Looking for large red cedar and stika log /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Hi,

I'm looking for red cedar and stika log.
Tops clear knot free and over 32 inch.
For lower mainland area, need deliver to Coquliam
For Vancouver Island, need simple cutting(cut to few pcs).

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.

Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Dylan  Kristian  Sunday, November 19,
Area:   North Thompson okanagan area /  Kamloops District /  BC
Species:   Looking to buy any kind of deciduous tree. Maple, walnut, oak, chestnut, including fruit trees such as cherry, pear, apple and more. Let me know what you have (even if I haven’t included it in the list) and we can discuss pricing.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Chris  Dubleu  Sunday, October 08,
Area:   tofino, red cedar, spruce, hemlock /  South Island Dist.  /  BC
Species:   large old growth red cedar, over 25 diameter spruce and hemlock
Volume:   two log truck loads. competitive pricing
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Abdul  Razak  Coast Fraser Enterprises Ltd Friday, September 15,
Area:   Douglas Fir/Hemlock Fir  /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   We are exporters and are willing to buy log that have export permits.
Volume:   Logs to be delivered to our yard in Maple Ridge. Volume 500m3 per week.
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Timothy  Feenstra  Grizzly Lodge Tuesday, August 29,
Area:   Grizzly Lodge /  Okanagan Shuswap Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Fir/Birch
Volume:   logging truck load
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Mark  Donegan  Tuesday, August 22,
Area:   Timothy lake /  100 Mile House Dist.  /  BC
Species:   All Fur 17 foot lengths.
100 m3 Fur
Good straight logs
Volume:   100 m3, 17 foot lengths
Told 3 truckloads

Can send pics
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  David  Edwards  The Horse Gate Saturday, July 22,
Area:   falkland area /  Okanagan Shuswap Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Mainly Fir some cedar
Volume:   about 25-30 acres some steep area looking at selectively logging may be a good fit for a hand faller
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Yunfei  Yu  Thursday, July 13,
Area:   90 Cedar, 132Hemlock trees- 133Alder for sale /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   if you want to cut and buy these trees at maple ridge, please call/text my cell number 778-772-1383

Western Red Cedar (20-49.99C Mdiameter: 40 trees; 50.0-69.99CM: 12; 70-127CM: 28 trees)
Western Red Cedar (diameter>70CM) /0.71/0.71/0.75/0.75/0.76/0.76/0.77//0.80/0.81//0.84/0.84//0.86/0.88/0.88/0.89/0.89/0.91/0.95/0.95/0.97/0.98/0.98/1.03/1.03/1.04/1.08/1.10/1.27meter
Western Hemlock (20-49.99CM 98 trees; 50.0-69.99CM 30 trees, 70-85CM: 4 trees )
Douglasfir (50.0-69.99CM: 1)
Red Alder (20-49.99CM: 131; 50.0-69.99CM: 2)
Paper Birch (20-49.99CM: 21; 50.0 to 69.99CM: 2)
Bigleaf Maple (20-49.99CM: 21; 50.0 to 69.99CM: 2)
Black Cottonwood (20-49.99CM: 9)

244 Bigleaf Maple 0.75
245 Bigleaf Maple 0.90
249 Bigleaf Maple 0.50/0.50/0.63/0.74
262 Bigleaf Maple 0.57/0.74/0.84
267 Bigleaf Maple Acer 0.71
264 Western Hemlock 0.77
266 Western Hemlock 0.80
268 Western Hemlock 0.85
271 Western Hemlock 0.70

251 Sitka Spruce 0.73
257 Red Alder 0.71
259 Sitka Spruce 0.74
Volume:   360 Trees
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Allen  Helmer  Monday, June 26,
Area:   Old growth trees /  Okanagan Shuswap Dist.  /  BC
Species:   2 ponderosa pine, and 2 interior doug fur trees.....have 4 trees in the back yard that are old growth money trees, had an offer to have them removed and not have to pay for removal, but I know they are worth a bit of $$ so make a fair offer and you can come get them.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Ray  H  Friday, June 09,
Area:   Lindell Beach  /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Fir and Maple
Volume:   Approx 25 to 30 trees various
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  W  Fitz  Fanny bay fire Tuesday, May 30,
Area:   Fanny bay /  Campbell River Dist.  /  BC
Species:   I have Cash for firewood/pulp grade fir logs 6"-12" diameter.
Volume:   I will pay up cash for wood on delivery.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Gerry  Dahl  Summit log Monday, May 15,
Area:   Summit Log /  Arrow Boundary Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Sold
Volume:   At hwy by ferry in Fauquier BC
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Clay  Tanner  Skook wood & timber Tuesday, April 11,
Area:   Skookumchuck bc  /  Rocky Mountain Dist. /  BC
Species:   Looking for cedar pine and douglad fir or larch
Volume:   Looking for 3 loads of each if possible or any at all all sizes accepted ranging from 6"-36"
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  William  Snyder  CA Hardwoors Ltd Thursday, April 06,
Area:   The logs are located in Belize /  Campbell River Dist.  /  BC
Species:   I have over 100 year old logs of Mahogany, Santa Maria, Rosewood, Pine and other varieties.
Volume:   depends of the type of wood requested.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Samantha & Eric  Scott  Thursday, February 09,
Area:   Mission Area Walnut Tree /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Large Black Hardwood Walnut Tree.
Was approximately 4 stories tall. 3 main trunks. Age of tree estimated at 50+ years.
Large pieces could be useful for furniture making, etc. smaller pieces great for firewood.
Volume:   3 long, beautiful tall tree trunks part of one main tree.
Free - please come and take it away.
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Brian  Williams  Keeko Log Homes Sunday, January 08,
Area:   100 Mile House area /  Prince George Dist.  /  BC
Species:   We require 3 loads fir house logs, 12' tops delivered to the 100 Mile House Area. About 150 m3
Volume:   offering $150 m3 delivered OBO
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Emily  Fleming  Wednesday, December 14,
Area:   North Quadra island bold point /  Campbell River Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Fir (coast) cedar (coast) hemlock (coast) 2nd growth
Volume:   3 acres
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Mike  Hansma  Hansma Farms Tuesday, November 29,
Area:   Sicamous /  Okanagan Shuswap Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Cotton wood, pine, fir
Volume:   5 acres of trees
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Coral  Francis  Monday, October 31,
Area:   Qualicum Beach Resident /  North Is./Central Coast  /  BC
Species:   Cottonwood - Over 14' Diameter Trunk
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Greg  Koopmans  Tuesday, October 11,
Area:   West Kootenay area of BC /  Kootenay Lake Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Oak logs & assorted sizes. Largest piece is 30" diameter by 8'long. Taken down by a professional Arborist in our yard.
Volume:   Contact Owner
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Lou  Read  Friday, July 29,
Area:   Maple Ridge /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Hemlock
Volume:   I have one large hemlock tree in my yard.

If you cut it down , it's yours for the taking.
It's the height plus a third of a telephone pole.
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Yunfei  Yu  Monday, July 25,
Area:   about 800 trees for sale /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   10 to 13 acres trees for sale at maple ridge
20 to 39 cm diameter(45%),40 to 59(45%),
10% bigger than 60 cm diameter.
red cedar 10%; fir 60%; big maple 10%; 20% others

Volume:   10 to 13 arces
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Della  mackie  Tuesday, July 12,
Area:   Gabriola /  South Island Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Fir Cedar Alder
Volume:   35 trees
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Jody  Wightman  Sunday, May 29,
Area:   Bear Creek, West Kelowna /  Okanagan Shuswap Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Any Logs fit for a log house 22' - 34' long. 1200 linear feet. They need to be an average diameter of 13". The logs are grouped in lengths as follows: 34'(10) 28'(15) and 22'(20), for a total of 45 logs.
Volume:   I'll pay $3000 for logs and delivery to West Kelowna
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Eric  Kay  Tuesday, May 10,
Area:   Black Creek, Vancouver Island, BC, CANADA /  Campbell River Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Douglas Fir, (standing) Age 70yrs 1+ logging truck loads
Balsam (Grand Fir, (standing) Age 70yrs 1+ logging truck loads
Cottonwood, (standing) Age 40yrs 4+ logging truck loads
Volume:   Seeking expressions of interest
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Chad  Willox  WR Wood Products Wednesday, January 13,
Area:   WR Wood Products /  Columbia District /  BC
Species:   Oversize Douglas Fir and Cedar
Volume:   Ongoing
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Richard  Lysne  Monday, January 11,
Area:   Port Alberni /  South Island Dist.  /  BC
Species:   Mixed Fir and Cedar
Volume:   4 acres
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  bruno  lampart  Monday, May 25,
Area:   ryder lake /  Chilliwack District /  BC
Species:   Mostly gang and merch cedar.not old growth; almost no butt rot and fair qmount of clear in the butt log; fair amout of thight knot in second log
Volume:   80 to 120 m3 to start with:
Brought to road by track loader
Mostly 25 or 33 ft long; than by self loader picked up
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  David  Hovey  Eagle Mountain Contracting Ltd, Friday, September 12,
Area:   Timber sale A64093 /  Kalum District /  BC
Species:   27,194 m3 of hemlock mix balsam
Volume:   65 hectares, open for offers
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Dale  Pakrin  Friday, November 08,
Area:   Blackwater river /  Quesnel District /  BC
Species:   I have nice pine and spruce mix. about 30%+ is house logs or poles.
Volume:   10,000 meters. market price
Details  (Buy Offer) Buyer  Bernard  Werner  Werner Construction Monday, September 16,
Area:   Custom Bridge Building Logs (Big Fir) /  Rocky Mountain Dist. /  BC
Species:   Big Fir Logs Required for Building Custom Bridges.
Interior Douglas-Fir only.
3 foot butts, 26” tops, Long Logs
No rot or shake, No sweep
Minimal tapper, Minimal or no sweep.
Knots ok
Volume:   10 Logs 20 feet long, with 26" dia. tops
12 Logs 42 feet long, with 25" dia. tops
5 Logs 37 feet long, with 25" dia. tops
5 Logs 27 feet long, with 27" dia. tops

Approximately 240 m3
2 or 3 Trucks
Details  (Sell Offer) Seller  Alan  Farrer  Friday, September 06,
Area:   Hutchison Creek Property Lower Arrow Lake /  Okanagan Shuswap Dist. /  BC
Species:   Kootenay Wet Belt Mix.
Leading in Cedar and Fir.
Tamarack, Spruce, Lodegepole, other Pines
Conservative volume est. 4,500 meters(m/3)
Roughly 100 ac. above high water.
Volume:   Property is North the Interfor Log Dump at Gladstone Creek.
Nearest logging roads are to the south.
Lake frontage of property is 1.3 kms
Has existing water rights on creek.-2 domestic, 1 hydro-