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  Sell Offer   Minimize Wednesday, December 23,
 6127246045         6123666266 Sell's Email: cvolk38105@aol.com        
Seller:  cleveminneapolis volk  atree service
Sell Offer in:  Minnesota   Hennepin County
Offer Name:  atree service staging erea
many large logs ash walnut white pine spruce maple soft and hard mowberry hack berry white oak some red oak elm slippery and red some cedar red
300 hundred different logs 12 inch to 50 inch some 4 to 5 ft peicse for barrel staves or canting or blocking lumber
Notes:  must get own transport can load for you with loader truck
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Cedar(Red-Coast)  Pine(White)  Spruce(Engelm.)  Spruce(White)  Cottonwood  Maple(Big Leaf) 
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